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My 3 Steps to a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

March 26, 2023

3 Steps to an email marketing strategy that helps you engage your subscribers, stay out of the spam folder and make value led sales.

My 3 steps to creating an email marketing strategy that works for your business.

Email marketing has the highest return on investment of all marketing activities, so it’s definitely time to nail your email marketing strategy.

Here are my 3 steps to getting email marketing strategy to work for you and your business.

1. Write engaging email content for your audience is key for your email marketing strategy.

Make sure you are putting out content that your email subscribers will value.

This can be:

  • Top tips;
  • Helping them understand the available solutions;
  • Helping them understand a problem they have;
  • Something out that is thought provoking, maybe even controversial; or
  • Entertaining.

Creating engaging email content is important for 2 reasons:

  • It enables your email subscribers to know like and trust you; and
  • The more people engage with your email content the less likely your email will fall into the spam folder!

These will help remove your inactive subscribers.

If you struggle to keep consistent with your email campaigns then check out my blog post on the 20 ways to be consistent with your marketing.

2. Keep your email list clean and warm is essential.

You should have win back and sunset flows set up in your email service provider (mailchimp, mailerlite, active campaign etc..)

Why is this important?

Non engaged subscribers can lead to more of your emails going into the spam folder. The more that get in there the more your engagement drops. It’s a downward cycle as your emails get less visibility and therefore engagement starts to drop for that reason.

Keeping your email list warm means people are likely to be familiar with you. To keep your email list warm you should be emailing your list once a week. Any longer and your email subscribers may forget who you are! If they forget who you are, again they are less likely to be engaged and your emails will start hitting the spam folder again.

3. Build your email list in a way that engages your audience.

Building your email list is essential for 2 reasons.

  • It helps your grow your business, because you can email market to more people; and
  • It also increases your engagement. New people on your list are likely to be the most engaged. So if you can keep the proportion of new subscribers high, then they will boost your overall engagement and yep you guessed it, your emails are less likely to fall into the spam folder.

Want to know my favourite email list building techniques and the strategy that sits behind it? A way in which building you list enables you to engage them in future emails and know exactly what content to put out. I’m doing a free masterclass on this.

I hope that was useful and helps you think about your email marketing in a whole new way! 

Will you take some action on your email list as a result of this post?

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