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Let's grow your business (and not your to do list) the easy way by creating a simplified marketing strategy that delivers your business goals but doesn't take over your life!

Let’s Grow Your Business, not your to do list

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Do you want to grow and scale your business? Do you want to save time on your marketing without sacrificing your results? Do you want your business to give you the freedom to smash your life goals?

Marketing strategy that delivers your business goals without taking over your life

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Get my eyes on your business and I'll show you how you can simplify your marketing whilst growing your results.

Simplify your marketing and grow your results

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Paula B
The Employee Experience Project

“ I have been blown away by how you’ve so beautifully opened up my thinking on my offering and routes to market.

It’s really helping me think about scaling in a whole new way. Couldn’t recommend you enough if I tried."


I'm Kristina, your new business BFF

I'm a time saving marketing strategist who believes life is for living and dreams should be realised.
Working on your business can be a slog, I know I've been there.

But I've found a way to get results that last. My no nonsense fun approach can help you achieve your dreams the simple way!

So why me? We'll I've got the qualifications, I've not only earned a 1st class BA(Hons) in Marketing Management and a Postgraduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, but I've also topped it off with an MBA with distinction.

But wait, I'm not just about the books; I've rolled up my sleeves, built successful businesses from the ground up and I've also ran multi-million pound services too!

So let's hang out together and grow your business in a way that works for you.

Oh and, just so you know, we're gonna have a blast too!

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5 Key Marketing Concepts You Need to Level Up Your Marketing

If you want to grow your business the simple way then you need to master these key marketing concepts. Inside the guide you'll find a outline on each concept and what you need to do next

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